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Building a chameleon - a pickup build saga - Part 1, The Concept

It's now time to officially announce Alegree's next pickup model set will be the most versatile the world has ever, and will ever, see. 


These pickups will be a drop in replacement for your Gibson sized humbuckers. They'll come with a massive 6 output wires, so get your push/pull pots and/or megaswitches - because there's going to be a ton of tones in these magnificent little boxes.


Let me begin by addressing what makes these so unique. These pickups are made to create a huge host of wildly different guitar tones, which have previously not been available together. The design involves your standard humbucker setup - 2 coils with slugs/screws on top of a bar magnet, We then swap the slugs to alnico rods, like a great single coil. We then wind the coils with thick 42 awg wire, like a great PAF, attach that to an output wire, then continue to wind with thinner wire to get lots of output and enough winds on each of the coils to be in the single coil/P90 region. Slap in a spacer magnet against the screw coil, and we've got a magnetic field similar to a P90. 


All of the above means we have access to PAF, high output humbucker, vintage Strat single, Tele bridge, P90, assymetric medium output humbucker, coil split PAF and a number of out of phase tones by mixing and matching tone combinations on each of the coils. In one pickup. There's been a number of previous designs trying to achieve single coil tones by splits (eg Stag Mag from Seymour Duncan). These designs use thin wire and weak alnico 2 rods to switch between a warm single coil and a very hot humbucker.- two vastly different tones which are rarely going to see use in the same gig! Thin wire doesn't produce the same tone as thick wire, so that's a compromise leading to an inauthentic single tone. Our new chameleon humbuckers will have those tones, and everything in between - resulting in more versatility and smoother transitions. We also use the thick wire for the majority of the coil, leading to a far more accurate single coil tone.


Stay tuned for part 2 of the saga which will include the step to step build and inside workings of the pickup!

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