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Constructed aged Stratocaster bridge pickup flatwork with alnico rods

Constructed aged Stratocaster bridge pickup flatwork with alnico rods

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Some people find the most difficult part of building a single coil is the construction of the framework containing the flatwork and alnico rods. To do this accurately and neatly can take a lot of practice for a beginner, and when it goes wrong there's rarely any recovering of the parts to try again - it can be expensive!


Save yourself the headache and skip this step by buying a constructed piece. Built by the professional pickup builders behind Alegree pickups, we have thousands of pickups' worth of experience to get flawless construction and a professional finish every single time. We set the alnico rods into the bottom flatwork, install the top flatwork flush with the top of the magnets and solidify it all in lacquer to hold it strongly through the winding process.


Choose whatever alnico grade you want (leave a message on your order form for a custom stagger/grade arrangement) to tailor the pickup to your design. Alnico 2 is the softest with a smooth bass and a sweet top end, whilst alnico 5 is the strongest with a tight bass and a twangier treble response.


Please note that we only hold small stocks of these constructed frameworks and your build time may take up to a week (the lacquer takes some time to dry).