Humid Tropics P90 sized humbuckers - PAF tone with a modern twist

Humid Tropics P90 sized humbuckers - PAF tone with a modern twist

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Our Humid Tropics humbuckers in a soapbar P90 sized package.

These are a close recreation of the fabled PAF’s of the late 50s, with a little modern twist to improve them. True to the original, the neck pickup is wound with off-set coils. When humbuckers were first created they were wound on machines which were controlled by timers. These timers would regularly malfunction, winding the wrong amount. Not too concerned with quality control, the ladies controlling the machines would just slap the bobbins together and not think twice about it. This, by sheer coincidence, created the PAF as we know it today. Now that we understand the effect on this, we desire it. Off-set coils gives the pickup advantages over a conventional humbucker; the resonant frequency of each bobbin is different, meaning that the pickup results in having a wider frequency response and increased treble detail and response – critical for keeping mud out of the neck position. Wound to emphasise the beautiful vocal, singing quality that can only be found in a quality 42 gauge humbucker, these will fulfil your PAF cravings.


The bridge is everything that a high quality PAF should be; bright, snappy and very organic. To keep the wind from being overly harsh in the treble end of the spectrum, the coils are matched on the bridge, this is still faithful to the original PAF's - some came out the way they were intended to! The touch response is of vital importance to a PAF bridge, and this one is calibrated to maximise the responsivity of the pickup to the picking attack, but maintaining enough output to allow it to really growl when the dirt is turned up.

Normal PAF's were wound with plain enamel wire. This insulation is thinner than the type I use - meaning they were warmer. I use a modern poly wire to create wider, more spaced out winds. This gives them a brighter, cleaner and more airy quality - perfect for removing mud from the neck position and a perfect combination with the sweet, but sometimes mushy alnico 2 magnets. This tweak makes these pickups far more versatile than your typical PAF by providing enough clarity to take any level of distortion with ease.
Rumour has it that these humbuckers reach their tonal plateau when their user wears a top hat and leather trousers. We cannot confirm nor deny this.
Specifications (neck/bridge):

Resistance (ohms): 7k/7.5k
Magnet: small alnico 2/small alnico 2
Spacing: 50mm
Lead wire: 4 conductor + shield
Wax potted

Purchase with mounting bracket and surround to replace existing P90s (this will require two small holes to be drilled in the pickup cavity to accommodate the height screws).