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Johnny Smith minihumbucker (b stock)

Johnny Smith minihumbucker (b stock)

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A Johnny Smith pickup is different to a minihumbucker in a few ways - it uses a bar magnet in one of the coils, and the magnetism is transfered to the pole screws on the other side of the pickup by a steel baseplate. This means that the pickup has a dominant coil, giving it a clearer, more single coil like, tone. It also brings the output down a fair amount.

This pickup is wound to 8k with 43 AWG wire (instead of the normal 42 awg). This results in a slightly more compressed and dark tone - making it perfect for clean, jazzy tones. 

This pickup is a return piece, as can be seen from the photo the mounting arm has been ravaged by amateur work. This arm is hidden behind a pickguard after being mounted, however. Pickup shows small signs of use (other than previously mentioned conditions).

Sold with normal Alegree pickups lifetime warranty to original purchaser.