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Loaded Chameleon humbucker 6 tones in 1 HH pickguard

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A Strat pickguard loaded with a set of Chameleon humbuckers (see full details here https://www.alegree.co.uk/collections/humbucker-sized-pickups/products/chameleon-humbuckers-the-most-versatile-humbuckers


This pickguard allows the option of all 6 modes from both Chameleons by way of 2 push/pull potentiometers and a 3 way rotary switch. The rotary switch switches both pickups between screw coil (split paf or P90 mode), slug coil (Strat or Tele mode) and both coils (PAF or high output humbucker mode). In conjunction with the two push/pulls, these 3 individual pickups can be split into 2 output levels (low output followed by high in the brackets above).


This pickguard is a direct replacement for a normal Mexican or US specification Strat and will require no additional soldering than wiring up the jack and spring claw ground (all the hard bits are already done)