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Strat / P90 splittable humbucker

Strat / P90 splittable humbucker

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A humbucker made of one coil Strat single coil, one part P90. Big coils accomodate a Frigid Haze wind and a Murky Horizon wind, allowing splitting for 3 tones (Strat/P90/humbucker).

This pickup has a 50mm string spacing over the P90 coil and 52mm over the Strat coil - so should be installed with the P90 coil closest to the neck. The coils are slightly uneven in height due to the nature of the coil sizes. Please note that there is some lacquer residue on the top and bottom of the pickup as part of the potting process.

Supplied with standard Alegree pickups lifetime warranty to original purchaser