About us

Alegree is a business set up with the mission of making guitar building more affordable and accessible. We know how hard choosing the right product, or understanding exactly what you're after, is - so we're dedicated to helping you make the right choice - or sorting you out if you make the wrong one anyway.


A story, from Alex Green, Founder -

I've always been a tinkerer, always being unsatisfied with what I've got unless I had the ability to put my own personal stamp on it. Being a guitarist, after having done the basics of swapping various electronics on my guitar, the next progression was to build one from scratch! Very much naive to the scale of task I was about to undertake. I went about sourcing the various parts and was amazed that I couldn't find anywhere dedicated solely to guitar building. The cogs began to turn. I eventually finished the guitar, about 6 months after the period of time I had mentally dedicated to it. It turned out phenomenally well considering the amount of hiccups along the way! I enjoyed it enough that I decided to refine my skillset further - focusing on pickup winding next,

Maple neck through with ash wings... my baby

The idea that I could shape my tone entirely by hand as someone who's an obsessive tinkerer, through building pickups, was addictive and very satisfying. I decided to stick a few of my creations on ebay and see if there was any interest - with the tentative idea that this could evolve into a full scale guitar building business at this point. My pickups sold, and the feedback exceeded my expectations - with people saying they'd taken brand leading pickups out to install mine, and they felt it was a vast improvement! I couldn't quit if my products were being received this well - so I got designing my pickup catalogue and started thinking about how I could extend the business further. Alegree was born (the name came courtesy of ebay amalgamating my names into a username).


After analysing my competition, I found they do little to steer customers in the direction to that tone in their head - and swore I would not do the same. My mission is to provide the most clear, honest and articulated descriptions so that I can match my customers with their perfect product. Failing that I would offer the most extensive customer support, as I love talking tone as much as they do!


Now that Alegree has firmly evolved from a solely pickup brand to a guitar building brand, I hope it will gain the reputation of being an educated retailer of quality goods. We shall understand the applications of the products as well as any of our customers to provide the best support available, and make sure our customers have the best experience possible with a retailer (it's so cliche, but it's a genuine goal).