Due to An Post's continued refusal to fairly process UK parcels through Irish customs, we have temporarily suspended our untracked shipment service to Ireland. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Returns, pickup swap and warranty information

Alegree runs a 30 day satisfaction guarantee programme. Return the product in resalable condition within 30 days of receipt for a refund (customer is responsible for return cost). All returns MUST BE authorised before being sent back to us. If an item is sent back to us without authorisation we will not accept it. Items sent back to us which are ineligible for return will only be sent back to the customer after return postage has been paid for. The customer forfeits all associated shipping costs in all cases where the satisfaction guarantee programme is utilised. This programme only applies to products purchased online. It is not applicable to any collected order during which the customer has the opportunity to inspect the goods.

Returns may only be made at our cost exclusively for faulty goods. The determination of if a good is faulty is solely ours. A good is not faulty if a customer lacks the expertise or knowledge regarding the installation or how to use an item. Any items alleged to be faulty will be returned at the buyers cost initially. Upon our receipt of the item, we will inspect it to determine the legitimacy of the fault. If we find a fault, we will replace the item or issue a full refund. We will also cover the return cost. 

The customer is solely responsible for the safe return of goods to us. We suggest you use a courier that insures the value of the goods fully. Alegree will not be responsible for any losses, damages, or failure of service by the returning courier, direct or consequential. The customer is fully responsible, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the reason for return.

Where a return is received from a customer where no legitimate fault is found, the buyer forfeits their return cost. The buyer will then be liable to cover the return cost to receive their goods back, or it will be treated as a satisfaction guarantee return (if the item is within the 30 day window).

Where orders are missing parts, please contact us as soon as possible for the additional products to be sent to you immediately. Received products are not determined to be faulty due to missing parts, therefore the order is not eligible to be returned at our cost. This does not affect your satisfaction guarantee programme rights.

All Alegree branded pickups are built to order to your specific cosmetic choices. As such, these are custom items. Customers do not have the same rights to return custom items as stock items, for these we cannot accept any returns for the reason of 'I changed my mind'. This also applies for any attempts to cancel the order once production has begun. We run a swap programme to alleviate any issues that this may present. 

Alegree branded pickups are covered by a 30 day (from receipt) swap period. If you're unhappy with your pickup, send it back to us and request a new one (of the same or greater value - balance to be paid prior to shipment of replacement) and we'll send you another model free of charge. This is very much open to exploitation - so we hope you understand that we limit these swaps to 3 times. 

Resalable condition will be interpreted generously - we understand the requirements of putting a piece of equipment through it's paces to test if it is appropriate for you.

Everything from Alegree is warrantied from manufacturing defects for a period of one calendar month from receipt. This does not cover customer misuse, abuse or installation ignorance inflicted damage - if you're unsure of anything please contact us, we're very happy to help (especially as it's for our benefit too!) Alegree branded pickups have a separate warranty (see below).

Alegree branded pickups are also covered by a lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects. This is non transferable. This warranty is voided if covers are removed, coil tape is removed or tampered with, or if there has been any attempt at replacing coil leads. We offer services for all these - please enquire at customersupport@alegree.co.uk so as to not void your warranty.

We run free shipping price break promotions on most items. Customers found to have exploited our free shipping price breaks by purchasing additional items with the intention of returning them upon receipt in order to secure free shipping will be charged the standard shipping fee if the value of the total retained items falls below the free shipping price. This charge will be applied by subtraction from the refund. This determination is entirely at our discretion.