Why would I buy an Alegree pickup over (insert another pickup brand here)?

I have designed Alegree pickups with the main goal in mind to be unique. I've got my modern takes on a few generic pickups that are in every winders catalogue - such as the '60s Strat set, late '50s PAFs and a hot rodded humbucker set. I don't follow the vintage recipes 100% accurately, because I prefer to get a good tone than to get the most accurate vintage recreation.


After having filled my catalogue with the popular pickups, I have aimed to make the most quirky, silly and distinctive pickup designs ever - this is the home of someone would wants to detach themself from the same boring designs recreated over and over again and really make their guitar sound exactly the way they want it to - not what Seth Lover or Leo Fender decided it should sound like.


What's your return / warranty policy?

Our typical warranty policy is 2 months protection from manufacture defects (excluding abuse, misuse, incorrect installation). This warranty is extended to your entire lifetime for any Alegree brand pickups (non transferable). 


Our return policy allows returns for up to 30 days from the receipt of our goods. No quibbles, no fuss, just return it in resalable condition for a full refund (buyer is responsible for return postage, original postage will not be refunded).


How long after ordering can I expect my items?

If you're ordering build to order (will be stated in the item page if so), then you'll need to add that time period in addition to these standard delivery times.

UK buyers - usually will not exceed 3 working days.

EU buyers - usually will not exceed 5 working days.

Outside of EU buyers - usually will not exceed 7 working days.


I'm not sure about how to use my item / what the correct item to buy is, can you help me?

We offer the most extensive after purchase support you can find anywhere! We will help as much as we possibly can to get your project running successfully. Just contact us via our contact methods (in contact us page).