Instrument repair and servicing

We offer a host of services to keep your instrument sounding great, and feeling it's best to play. If your looking to upgrade the electronics, the hardware, or simply need a basic setup, we can help you.

Prices for the most popular services

(prices do not include parts, prices for which can be found on the website) -

Restring - £30, £40 for double locking tremolo systems
  • Remove current strings
  • Install new strings
  • Tune to standard pitch  

General setup - £50
  • Intonation
  • Saddle height
  • Truss rod
  • Electrics check
  • Fretboard conditioning
  • String change (strings purchased separately)

Pickup swaps - £40 first pickup, £15 per additional
  • Remove current pickups
  • Install new pickups
  • Solder in to standard wiring scheme (surcharge for non-standard wiring to be determined on request)

Push/pull potentiometer installation - £35 first potentiometer, £15 per additional
  • Remove current potentiometer
  • Replace and resolder with push/pull potentiometer to desired functionality (coil split, tap, phase reverse, etc)

Other services are available at £30 bench fee, then £40 per hour of labour. Bench fee includes first half hour of labour.


Too far away to bring it in? No problem!

You can send your guitar to us, and we can send it back. Please note that you must send your guitar in a hard case, inbound shipping is done at your own risk. The cost of return shipment will depend on the level of cover your guitar requires - contact us for a quote, letting us know the value of your instrument in the contact form below.


We conduct our services at our workshop 
Unit 3, Floor 1
Coopers Place


Please use the contact form below to contact us about your query and to book yourself in before visit.