Acousticker - Acoustic single coil tone in a standard humbucker size

Acousticker - Acoustic single coil tone in a standard humbucker size

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The Acousticker is a split coil design disguised as a standard humbucker. It has a mini coil around each set of three poles so that it has each string only being sensed by one of the two coils, giving it a single coil tone. Due to the two coils being connected in reverse directions and the poles charged to opposite polarities, the pickup is entirely hum cancelling. The pole pieces allow accurate string volume balancing.

The Acousticker is made following normal acoustic guitar soundhole pickup design. These designs utilise fewer winds of very thick wire in conjunction with a very strong magnet to give the most natural, open and woody tone possible. This pickup is the easiest way to get this crystalline, hollow tone into your standard humbucker equipped guitar without any modification required. This pickup is a drop in replacement for any standard sized humbucker and will work effectively with standard value components and alongside normal humbuckers. The output level is similar to a low output humbucker.

The Acousticker is suitable for both neck and bridge positions - the neck will give a more open tone with deeper lows. In the bridge, it will be a more brittle and sharp tone - it will be more similar to a piezo tone than a normal sound hole pickup tone. The pickup will be excellent for players who typically play solely on one pickup position. It allows access to a significantly different tone - excellent for a Jazzer who only ever uses their neck pickup, or a Metaller who only ever uses their bridge pickup.

Resistance (ohms): 1.8k
Magnet: rare earth neodymium
Lead wire: 4 conductor + shield
Baseplate: short legged nickel silver
Wax potted

Supplied with mounting screws & springs.