Alpha long shaft potentiometers

Alpha long shaft potentiometers

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Potentiometers for guitar volume and tone controls. These are available in either A500k or B500k. 500k potentiometers are typically preferred for humbucker or P90 equipped guitars due to imparting a brighter response with the naturally darker tone of these pickups in comparison to Fender style single coils which typically use 250k pots. These can also be used with Fender style single coils where a brighter, more pronounced attack is desired.

These come in A and B tapers - or logarithmic and linear, respectively. Logarithmic is almost universally preferred for volume controls due to the logarithmic nature of volume perception to the human ear. Logarithmic and linear pots can be used on tone controls interchangeably depending on your taste for tone sweep. If you often find the majority of the usable tonal sweep of your tone control is in a small section, you'd be best off going with a logarithmic potentiometer.

These have long shafts for installation in arched topped guitars. Always just the dimensions of the previous pots before determining if these are suitable, some arch top guitars use short shaft pots. These are the same size as USA sized potentiometers, and are of high quality.

Shaft length: 30mm
Shaft thread length: 20mm
Thread width: 9.5mm
Base width: 22mm

Base height: 10.5mm

Supplied with nut and washer.