Seymour Duncan Antiquity '55 Tele Raised D&G Set

Seymour Duncan Antiquity '55 Tele Raised D&G Set

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Vintage 55 Tele rhythm tone with a sweet treble response and a well-rounded low end. The bridge has that Classic spanky 50s Tele Lead tone but with raised D and G poles for better string balance. Neck: The Antiquity 55 Tele Rhythm is a faithful reproduction of a 1955 Tele neck pickup. The bass response is full and round and will add richness to your chords, while the specially calibrated hand ground alnico 5-rod magnets and custom coil winding give the treble a smoother, more musical attack. It's great for big, bold rhythm playing, and percussive enough for classic country-style chicken pickin'. Hand-built in our Custom Shop, the Antiquity Tele Rhythm recreates the original look and sound from the early 50s. We use a custom-aged, deep drawn cover, vintage push-back cloth wire, and each pickup is lacquered, and potted in lamp black paraffin wax like the originals.

Bridge: After early production of the flat-pole Telecaster lead pickup, in 1954 Fender began to manufacture them with raised D and G poles to provide a more even string response and output for those guitars with a 7.25" radius fretboard. You get the same bright, twangy tone as our flat-pole Antiquity Tele Lead but with a little more edge.

Use in any Ash or Alder body Telecaster.

Neck: 1611024-26 Antiquity Tele '55 Set - Neck/Rhythm
Bridge: 1611024-27 Antiquity Tele '55 Set - Bridge/Lead.
SKU 1611024-28
Barcode 800315045303
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Seymour Duncan
Position Set
Colour Chrome
Conductor 1 Conductor
Magnet Alnico II
DCR 8k
Output Vintage
String 6
Mount Tele
Type Single Coil.

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