Artec AB-1, one volume, one tone preamp

Artec AB-1, one volume, one tone preamp

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The Artec AB-1 is a small and effective preamp for your acoustic guitar with two potentiometers controlling the volume and tone of your instrument. 

Using an electric guitar style set up of potentiometers (knobs) to adjust volume and tone, instead of the acoustic norm of slide switches can provide a more familiar set up to players accustomed to playing electric guitars. The installation is also less invasive, not requiring a large rectangular cut out on the side of your guitar like some others can.

The active tone control allows treble and volume boosting, as opposed to a passive design that can only remove treble and volume. This allows it to be louder and brighter than a passive equivalent. Runs on a 9v battery.

You can plug your piezo or magnetic pickup directly into it with the 1/8 inch jack socket, The output jack also plugs directly in. The whole thing can be installed without any soldering.

Dimensions (excluding parts not mounted on the main PCB): 
Length: 43mm
Width (excluding potentiometer shafts): 33mm
Height: 25mm
Width (including potentiometer shafts): 50mm
Potentiometers shaft diameter: 7mm

Distance between the potentiometers: 25mm

Wire clip included, 9v battery included (UK only).