Artec MSP50 soundhole pickup

Artec MSP50 soundhole pickup

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The Artec MSP50 is one of the most quick and convenient ways to amplify your acoustic guitar for live performances (or at home if you'd prefer to play through an amp). The pickup has a 60cm output lead with a standard instrument sized jack socket. All you have to do is slide it under the strings, screw it in place, plug it into an instrument cable to an amp, and it's ready to go. And uninstallation is just as easy - the process is just reversed.

The MSP50 is a single coil pickup powered by a pair of strong ceramic magnets. It's powerful enough to sufficiently drive an acoustic amp without the need of any onboard powered amplification (this is a passive pickup). 

The MSP50 is a smooth, precise and natural sounding pickup. It has screw poles that can be raised to adjust the volume of each string, allowing excellent refinement of your tone, and enabling you to ensure each string is audible as you strum big chords.

Specifications -
Resistance: 7.3k
Magnet: dual ceramic
Pole spacing: 50mm
Length (above guitar top): 106mm
Length (below guitar top, excluding clamps): 89mm
Width: 16mm
Height: 25mm