Artec QDD - active quad distortion circuit

Artec QDD - active quad distortion circuit

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The Artec QDD is a miniature distortion circuit that you can place inside your guitar to gain access to distortion tones without any pedals (it's essentially several tiny pedals in your guitar!). The circuit provides four different distortions along with a true bypass mode.

The distortion options are - clean boost, blues overdrive, rock distortion, heavy metal distortion. These options can be further refined with the small trimpot on the board. This trimpot controls the gain of the modes, allowing you to tame, or unleash the full power, of each mode.

This teams up with the SDA-P to create a mini amp inside your guitar.

Length: 32mm
Width (excluding potentiometer shaft): 24mm
Width (including potentiometer shaft): 45mm
Height: 10mm
Potentiometer shaft diameter: 9mm

Runs on a 9v battery.

Comes with battery clip and 9v battery (UK only).