Artec QTA - active quad tone selector

Artec QTA - active quad tone selector

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The Artec QTA is the perfect addition to the instrument of a guitarist that rarely uses a passive tone control. A passive tone control can only subtract treble, an active tone control can boost frequencies - in so doing preserving your output whilst sculpting your tone in far more sophisticated and numerous ways.

The QTA has four different tone selections (five if you include the true bypass mode) - low peak, mid peak, high peak and light tone. What this means is that respectively they do the following - boost bass frequencies, boost mid range frequencies, boost treble frequencies, trim off a little bit of treble. 

Length: 33mm
Width (excluding potentiometer shaft): 28mm
Width (including potentiometer shaft): 48mm

Potentiometer shaft diameter: 9mm

Runs on a 9v battery.
Comes with battery clip and 9v battery (UK only).