Artec SDA-P - miniature 2.5w power amp

Artec SDA-P - miniature 2.5w power amp

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The Artec SDA-P is a tiny power amp you can mount in your guitar - it provides an outputs for both headphones and 8 Ohm speakers. It features a small trim pot on the PCB to attenuate the bass response to prevent the output from becoming too flabby with more distorted signals.

The SDA-P is a discrete power amp mounted on the back of a potentiometer. It can be invisibly installed on a guitar and can even be teamed up with our QDD distortion circuit to essentially make an entire amp in your guitar. This output can then be fed out of a jack straight into headphones or a cabinet for ampless play!

The SDA-P has separate connections for headphones (HP), an LED (LED), a speaker (SP+ & SP-) and standard output jack (JK). You'll have to hook up the input (IN), ground (GND) and the 9v battery (B+) along with your chosen output method(s). 


Length: 28mm

Width (excluding potentiometer shaft): 28mm

Width (including potentiometer shaft): 45mm

Height: 24mm

Potentiometer shaft diameter: 9mm

Runs on a 9v battery.

Comes with battery clip and 9v battery (UK only).