Artec TC-30, one volume, one tone passive control

Artec TC-30, one volume, one tone passive control

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The Artec TC-30 is a small and effective control for your acoustic guitar with two slide switches controlling the volume and tone of your instrument. 

The unit is small, making installation less invasive than with typical sized units. It does not require a large rectangular cut out on the side of your guitar like some others can.

The TC-30 is passive, meaning it needs to battery. No more running out of charge in the middle of a gig or fishing inside your guitar to replace batteries! When it's installed, it's finished and can be forgotten about.

You can plug your magnetic pickup directly into it with the 1/8 inch jack socket, The whole thing can be installed without any soldering.

Dimensions (excluding parts not mounted on the main PCB): 
Length: 62mm
Width: 24mm
Height: 23mm
Distance between the mounting holes: 53mm
Jack thread diameter: 9mm