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Bourns 25k potentiometer (for active pickups)

Bourns 25k potentiometer (for active pickups)

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Potentiometers for active guitar volume and tone controls. These are logarithmic 25k potentiometers, meaning their sweep is suitable for both volume and tone controls. 25k potentiometers are used in active circuitry due to the low output impedence of active pickups.

The low output impedence is purposely built into the active pickup design to avoid tone loss through long cable runs, but it also means that your standard 250k or 500k potentiometers work more like on/off switches, than having a gradual effect across the sweep.

Bourns is a highly respected brand, and is commonly considered the closest equivalent in quality to CTS potentiometers (whom do not have widely available 25k potentiometers).

Dimensions -
Shaft length: 19mm
Shaft thread length: 9.5mm
Knurl width: 6mm
Thread width: 9.5mm
Base width: 24mm

Base height: 11.5mm

Supplied with nut and washer.