Chameleon - The most versatile humbuckers. Ever.

Chameleon - The most versatile humbuckers. Ever.

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There's thousands of different ways to wire these to your taste! Here's our page dedicated to Chameleon wiring schemes.

The bar for pickups has just been raised. The Chameleon humbuckers are a revolutionary new design that utilise multiple coils and a special magnetic assembly to create an array of different tones that will cover absolutely any genre, playing style, or taste. These are truly a gigging musicians dream.

The Chameleon humbuckers come with six modes per pickup - A low output single coil mode, a high output single coil mode, a low output humbucker split, a P90 mode, a low output humbucker mode and a high output humbucker mode. Each mode utilises a different coil (or combination of coils) of the humbucker allowing any variation of mode selection to be achieved with a little innovative guitar wiring.

Starting at the low output single coil mode, this mode will give you a fantastic blues voicing. A transparent, woody character gives your guitar the clarity it needs to utilise fuzzes and overdrives without being muffled or losing the nuances of your playing.

Next is the high output single coil mode, excellent for country and indy rock. A twangy, aggressive mode that oozes a bright, cutting character. Takes a surprising amount of dirt without ever becoming muddy due to the focused nature of it.

The low output humbucker split mode was an incidental mode made by the production method of the pickups! Although not introduced by design, this mode gives another tone variant that's an excellent bright, scooped and low output character for subtle clean tracks.

Then comes the P90 mode. A fat, barking, punchy mode. A pushed mid range with a solid bass response and cutting treble gives this mode enough grit to play anything all the way up to modern heavy rock. Fantastic under gain, this pickup remains simultaneously clean and filthy in the most seamless sense. It also sounds excellent in clean settings, where a more prominent mid range is required to fill in a mix. 

Next is the low output humbucker mode. Based on the old PAFs of the 50s, this mode has an open, airy character with a very subtle natural compression. Designed specifically with articulation and a scooped mid range in mind, this mode is equally fantastic in clean or high gain applications. When you think of classic rock, you think of the sound that this mode recreates - a biting treble, a bold, thick bass, and a conserved mid range.

And finally, the high output humbucker mode. This monstrous mode is thick, saturated, aggressive and bold. Screaming leads, fat rhythm work and a great level of compression means this mode lends itself perfectly to high gain. Shoot this pickup through a [insert modern metal amp of your choice] and it'll create a mix filling track with minimal effort. The bass is a great compromise between being fat enough for downtuned riffs and tight enough for extensive chords. A smooth treble response means that high frequency leads are never shrill, and percussive techniques such as tapping and harmonics are really emphasised. A bold mid range makes a big statement in any mix; this track is not to slip into the background.


A full wiring scheme is provided to explain how each mode is wired to function. We are happy to help you create wiring diagrams for your own combinations. Please note due to the extra wires the cables are slightly wider than normal and your cavity hole may need enlarging. 

Specifications (neck/bridge):
Spacing: 50mm/52mm
Lead wire: 6 conductor + shield
Base plate: short legged nickel silver
Wax potted
Supplied with mounting screws and springs.

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