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Chameleon loaded Stratocaster pickguard (HSH)

Chameleon loaded Stratocaster pickguard (HSH)

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Our Chameleon humbuckers loaded on a Stratocaster pickguard with our 'do it all' wiring scheme.

 See the individual Strat pickup pages here for additional information on each middle pickup available.

This wiring scheme gives you access to all 6 modes on each pickup - giving 24 total modes (6 on each pickup, 3 in the middle position with both pickups in low output mode, 3 in the middle position with both pickups in high output mode, 3 in the middle position with neck low/bridge high output modes, 3 in the middle position with neck high/bridge low output modes).


These pickups are wound to be RWRP in the 2/4 positions when in single coil modes. A 470k resistor is placed in parallel to the output to ground, making the pickups see a 250k control in the 2/3/4 positions of the switch.This pickguard is a drop in replacement for any standard Strat with a swimming pool route under the existing pickguard. 


Installation takes 5 minutes with only 3 solder joints having to be made; the spring claw ground and the two jack connections. Installation is painless for even the most novice of solderers. 


These are built to order, please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be fulfilled.