Gale Force - Huge output P90 mayhem set (dog ear staple)

Gale Force - Huge output P90 mayhem set (dog ear staple)

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 Solderless setup with all required wiring available here.


The Gale Force P90 set is built to be ferociously hot for blistering high gain work. Wound with thin 45 AWG wire up to an searing 19k in the neck and 23k in the bridge, this set is for those who want as dramatic departure as possible from the vintage P90s.

The high resistance readings don't mean the pickups are quite as high output as you're probably expecting - resistance does not equate to output. The resistance is high due to the fine gauge of coil wire used in these pickups.  

These winds are placed over a set of dual alnico 5 magnets in the neck position, and dual ceramic magnets in the bridge. The alnico 5 magnets give the neck position a liquid, smooth, and singing sustain for scorching solos. The ceramic magnets in the bridge position keeps the pickup bright and percussive for aggressive, saturated clarity. When compared to normal high output humbuckers (which are similar output-wise), these P90s will be a brighter, tighter and with a more focused attack.

Specifications (neck/bridge):
Resistance: 19k/23k
Magnets: alnico 5 staple magnets
Output wire: single conductor braided
String spacing: 50mm/52mm
Wax potted

Supplied with mounting screws & springs.

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