Death Valley Junior (neck position) - Unique, big and bright humbucker

Death Valley Junior (neck position) - Unique, big and bright humbucker

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A entirely coincidental pickup design!

We had a Death Valley being wound up, and the wire broke before one of the coils was fully wound. Being such a high output pickup, the output of said pickup would still be perfectly usable (in fact still quite high), so we decided we'd just continue with it and see what it was like. It's a gem, and it's now officially the Death Valley junior.

Forget everything you know and hate about neck humbuckers under insane amounts of preamp distortion, because other than the lack of noise, this pickup has virtually nothing else in common with them. This pickup is of medium output, hot enough to balance with pretty much any bridge pickup you can throw at it (short of the Death Valley bridge, which still to our knowledge is the highest output passive pickup to ever exist anyway). The EQ is what makes this pickup so different from normal humbuckers.- it's really bright and chimey, just short of being piercingly bright. This gives it an excellent EQ to balance with typically mid range heavy high output bridge humbuckers. The bass is super tight. You can play seriously fast riffs in as low tuning as you want, and this pickup will not flub out. Ever.

The type of pickup that the Death Valley Junior is closest to is a minihumbucker. The low winds and close aperture coils gives them a tone that sits perfectly between single coil and humbucker. They're notoriously low output though, and no good at kicking a preamp into full saturation (unless an active preamp and a black plastic cover is installed!). The Death Valley Junior has no such issue! Oozing with aggression and articulation, it finally makes a neck humbucker that can actually be utilised in the most extreme musical styles. 


​​Resistance (Ohms): 6.5k
Magnet: custom alnico 5
Spacing: blades make this suitable for any spacing
Lead wire: 4 conductor + shield
Base plate: short legged nickel silver
Wax potted

Supplied with mounting screws and springs.