Desert Dew humbucker sized P90s solderless connector setup

Desert Dew humbucker sized P90s solderless connector setup

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The solderless connector setup includes a circuit board loaded with all the favourite USA grade electronics (Switchcraft jack, Switchcraft switch, CTS potentiometers, Orange drop capacitor). This circuit board simply drops into your Gibson style control layout, then you plug in the connectors we've added to the end of the pickup leads into the circuit board. The humbucker setup comes with default 500k potentiometers, 3 way toggle switch and 0.022uf capacitors.

These are available in both import (long shaft pots, short frame switch), USA (long shaft pots, long frame switch), or right angle (short shaft pots, right angle toggle switch) formats. (ONLY) Gibson Les Pauls will use USA. Epiphones and other import models will use the import format. SGs and similar will use the right angle format. Import models Les Pauls typically use short shaft potentiometers, but we've found through experimentation that due to the nature of the way that the pots are seated at different heights in the cavity, short shaft pots will not work effectively. Long shaft pots are used by shimming the shaft to the correct length with the second nut inside the cavity.>No soldering is required at all, making the installation job take about 10 minutes in total!

The neck is wound exactly to the point of having enough breadth to not sound thin, but not too much to get mushy, this pickup will a level of of articulation that humbuckers can't rival. The output of this pickup is a medium level, meaning that it can balance with most bridge humbuckers short of the real fire-breathers. 

This pickup is beautiful clean. It has a thick, smooth treble response, and a brighter-than-humbucker bass response, giving it the ability to mix all the frequencies of chords in such a way that no single string rings out above the others. Flat response and crystalline clarity simultaneously seems like it would be impossible; but this melds the two qualities. The flat response can be excellent in high gain applications for adding natural compression so that the tone needs very little work after recording. The definition makes this pickup even excel at high gain rhythm, which can't be said about many neck pickups.

The bridge is like the neck in the way that it is a smooth, thick and sweet sounding pickup that retains a great level of clarity under all levels of distortion. It thrives in clean through to bluesy overdrive applications, and has found itself, along with the neck, to be the Jazz staple of our catalogue. But of course, it's also versatile enough for rocky applications, and even sludge metal!

Specifications (neck/bridge):
Resistance (ohms): 8.3k/10.5k 
Magnets: alnico 5 (x2)

Pole spacing: 50mm/52mm
Output wire: braided single conductor
Wax potted

Supplied with mounting screws and springs.