Frigid Haze solderless connector setup

Frigid Haze solderless connector setup

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The solderless connector setup includes a circuit board loaded with all the favourite USA grade electronics (Switchcraft jack, Oak Grigsby switch, CTS potentiometers, Orange drop capacitor) along with the pickup set. This circuit board simply drops into your Strat, then you plug in the connectors we've added to the end of the pickup leads into the circuit board. The Strat setup comes with default 250k potentiometers, 5 way switch and 0.047uf capacitor. No soldering is required at all, making the installation job take about 10 minutes in total!

These are a recreation of the bluesy pickups that were made famous in the 60s by Hendrix. These pickups have the twang, sparkle and clarity that you need to accurately recreate those famous tones.

These will quack beautifully in the 2 and 4 position and will chime like a bell in any position. They excel in any genre short of modern metal; pristine cleans to the most articulate distortion tones you've ever heard. They equally take effect pedals excellently (wah and fuzz particularly!).These are all wound with approximately the same wind with push back wire to remain faithful to the original design. RWRP middle to hum cancel in the 2 and 4 positions.     

Modern wire and winding patterns introduce a new level of clarity in these pickups that wasn't present in recreations. This clarity gives the pickup a livelier feel and a louder, more expressive quality. All while being able to drive a preamp into those beautiful smokey blues tones.

Specifications (neck/middle/bridge):
Resistance (ohms): 5.8k/5.8k/5.8k
Magnets: alnico 5 rods
Spacing: 52mm

Output wire: vintage style cloth covered push back
Wax potted

Supplied with mounting screws & tubing.

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