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High-Joule Tufnel - The highest output pickup on the market (so far)

High-Joule Tufnel - The highest output pickup on the market (so far)

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This one goes to 11. Clocking in at 54k ohms, we have made the best pickup ever, because everyone knows bigger is better. And this one is the biggest. 

Based on the ingenious idea of putting four Super Distortions into Mr Horsepower, we've managed to cram four humbuckers worth of tone into one! Each Super Distortion packs a healthy 13.5k of resistance on top of a thick ceramic magnet. We've crammed four lots of 13.5k onto the two bobbins of the High-Joule Tufnel, and placed it on top of the same thick ceramic magnet.

This glorious pickup will have your guitar sustaining for long enough for you to grab a bite to eat, and/or entertain your groupies. 

This pickup is perfect for the light travelling metal head. The colossal output will slam even the cleanest of amps into a furious, searing and brutal distortion.


​​Resistance (Ohms): 54k
Magnet: thick ceramic bar
Spacing: universal
Lead wire: 4 conductor + shield
Base plate: short legged nickel silver
Wax potted

Supplied with mounting screws and springs