Lace Sensor Dually Emerald - Purple humbucker (16k)

Lace Sensor Dually Emerald - Purple humbucker (16k)

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Combine Colors to Customize your Sound!
The Sensor - World Class Tone. We have built these world famous patented pickups since 1985. Used exclusively by Fender until 1996.
Now available with new Deceptor covers!
The entire line is now available through your local dealers. Used on the Strat Ultra and other Fender models. Use the Dually in full mode or switch to split mode. Extreme tone: mix a Red with a Silver for example or have the versatility of both coils on their own. Low noise, multiple tones. All models are available in Black, White and Cream colors.
ADJUSTMENT TIP: For optimum tone and output from our Sensors, we recommend adjusting the height to .170" from string to pickup, or approx. the height of 2 dimes and a nickel. (REMEMBER string thickness applies to height - use bottom of string closest to pickup for measurement.)
PURPLE SENSOR: All Rock, Blues, R&B, Funk and Pop
Think: Leslie West, Carlos Santana, Mick Jones, Freddie King, Neil Fallon, Josh Steely
Sound: Hot overwound single coil tone, between a Burgundy & Blue Sensor. Designed for bridge or a P-90-type tone in the neck.
EMERALD SENSOR: Boogie, Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz
Think: SRV, Billy Gibbons a la Tres Hombres, David Grissom
Sound: That Texas-inspired tone without the noise! All you want for that style of music!
Think: Think Carlos Santana meets Stevie Ray Vaughn
Sound: Rich and complex body, with a sweet & defined midrange.

For Optimal Tone: Use our suggested pickup heights. These measurements are good for any of our pickups. Start with these measurements and adjust height to preference.

String distance from the pickup, fretted at 21st fret: 
High “E”: 
-NECK: 1.5mm
-MID: 2.0mm
-BRIDGE: 1.0mm

String distance from the pickup, fretted at 21st fret: 
Low “E”: 
-Neck: 2.5mm
-Mid: 3.5mm
-Bridge: 2.0mm