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Les Paul style main cavity wiring harness (push/pull coil split)

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A wiring harness comprised of the electronics found in the main cavity of a Gibson Les Paul (or similar) guitar.


This wiring harness has push/pull potentiometers to access coil split modes of your pickups. By pulling the knobs on the end of the shafts (not supplied) up, you will engage split mode on your respective pickup. These split modes mean that only one of the two humbucker coils are active, giving the pickup a far more single coil like tone (like a Strat). This is a popular modification to add versatility, making additional thinner, clearer tones available. This harness only works with 4 conductor output wire humbuckers.


This harness is wired using CTS potentiometers, orange drop capacitors and vintage style cloth covered push back wire. It's fully wired, so that all that needs to be added to make it a full wiring harness is a toggle switch and output jack (and their accompanying wires, found here in a prewired package).


This harness can be ordered with either short or long potentiometer shafts. Long shafts fit Gibson Les Pauls, short shafts fit import Les Paul copies because their cavities are made deeper.


This harness can also be ordered with either 250k or 500k potentiometers. 500k is standard with humbuckers, but 250k can be used with bright humbuckers and sometimes P90s to attenuate some excess high end, if you find yourself struggling to keep the treble in check. This in conjunction with your capacitor type selection of either 0.022uf or 0.047uf (0.022uf for less treble roll off on the tone controls - standard with humbuckers, or 0.047uf for more treble roll off - standard with single coils) allows you to customise this harness to your taste.