Les Paul wiring harness for active pickups

Les Paul wiring harness for active pickups

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The current product photo is of our standard passive version, which has minor differences. This is a place holder and will be updated soon. Please be assured that you will receive the wiring harness described below when ordering.

Please note that the cardboard is not included, it is simply used to hold the components in position for product photos. 


This wiring loom is created from the highest quality components. All the components are crafted to be highly durable.

This harness includes:
- Stereo jack socket
- 0.1uf orange drop capacitor x 2
- Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch
- 25k audio taper knurled short shaft Bourns potentiometers
- Braided push back vintage style cloth covered wire
- 9v battery clip
All components are wired together. All you need to do is remove it from the cardboard, drop it in your guitar, connect your pickups and bridge ground, and rewire the switch and jack through the holes - 10 minutes work!