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Locking tuners

Locking tuners

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A set of 6 locking tuners and all required accessories for installation to replace your current set of tuners. These tuners require a 10mm hole in your guitar's headstock.

Poor quality tuners can provide no end of issues with tuning. If you've ever had a budget guitar, you'll likely know the issue of having a guitar that will only stay in tune for about 5 minutes. This issue can be caused by slippage of the strings at the tuners. Locking tuners clamp the string in the tuner itself as well as having the string wrapped around the tuner shaft, as is done with all normal tuners. This clamp provides extra protection against the string slipping, and therefore reducing tuning issues as the slippage loosens the string. To clamp a string, simply twist the circular disc on the back of the tuner.

These tuners have a 19:1 ratio, meaning every 19 turns of the tuner peg will result in 1 turn of the tuner shaft. This high ratio allows very precise and smooth tuning. These tuners are mounted with just a single screw, meaning that the work needed to install them into a guitar with a different headstock screw hole arrangement is kept to a minimum.

Locking tuners are one of the most significant modifications you can make to an instrument to increase tuning stability and make the instrument feel like a more expensive, quality piece.