Seymour Duncan Mark Holcomb Alpha Omega Set Black 8 String

Seymour Duncan Mark Holcomb Alpha Omega Set Black 8 String

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Voiced by Mark Holcomb, his signature Alpha & Omega set is now available once again due to popular demand! The progressive metal virtuosos of Periphery are known for their technically complex rhythms and precise tones – tones which require pickups with just the right amount of output and articulation whether standing alone or working in a dense mix.

The Alpha and Omega pickups were created to match that level of precision and versatility. Working with guitarist Mark Holcomb, the Omega bridge pickup was created to provide destructive percussion and growl in the mids and low end. It’s aggressive but it also has lots of clarity and brightness, which cuts through whether you’re playing sophisticated chords, complex single-note lines or intense solos. The Alpha neck pickup is unlike most traditional neck models. It was voiced to combine the best qualities of a neck and a bridge pickup, with some of that fat glassy sound but also plenty of your pick attack and fretting-hand phrasing. The Mark Holcomb Signature Alpha & Omega Pickups are made in Santa Barbara, California.

Neck: 1611102-61B8 Mark Holcomb Alpha HB Neck - 8 String
Bridge: 1611102-62B8 Mark Holcomb Omega HB Bridge - 8 String.
SKU 1611102-63B8
Barcode 800315041404
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Seymour Duncan
Position Set
Colour Black
Conductor 4 Conductor
Magnet Ceramic
DCR 10.97K / 18.27K
Output High
String 8
Mount Humbucker
Type Humbucker.

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