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The Menace' 5 string Music Man size pickup

The Menace' 5 string Music Man size pickup

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The Menace is a direct replacement for your 5 string Music Man pickup. With a hot output and powerful ceramic magnets, this pickup will push your bass to the next level. A high end filled with harmonics, and a low end growl, this will fill out the mix. By splitting this pickup into single coil mode, you can completely change the sound of your bass. It brings out a lot more of a Jazz bass style tone that will help push through the mix to really get you heard.

Dimensions -
Length - 105mm (neck) 105mm (bridge)
Width - 49mm (neck and bridge)
Depth - 20mm (neck and bridge)

Resistance -  13.5k 
Magnets - Ceramic
Output wires - 4 conductor