Fender  Nylon Pick .88 351 Shape (12 Pack)

Fender Nylon Pick .88 351 Shape (12 Pack)

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Experience the classic feel of Fender no matter what guitar or bass you play. Fender picks provide comfort and high-performance flexibility for every performer, with a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses to suit the playing styles and preferences of every guitarist. Fender U.S.-made nylon picks offer an improved non-slip, tactile gripping surface. They're a popular pick style for all playing levels. Offered in six different thicknesses. American-made quality
No-slip gripping surface
0.88mm thickness.
SKU 080986351850
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Fender
Barcode 885978170531. Please be aware that this item is not typically stocked and if shown in stock on our website, can be ordered in within 1 working day for despatch.