Old Timer '1952 Classic' dog ear P90s

Old Timer '1952 Classic' dog ear P90s

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A set of P90s based on the vintage ones originally produced by Gibson in the late 40s and early 50s. The P90 was the predecessor to the humbucker. The humbucker was built to be a progression on from the P90 - so you'll see lots in common between the two vintage examples!

Wound with vintage accurate winds of plain enamel 42 AWG wire, instead of the far cheaper poly wire that you'll find in almost every single 'vintage' pickup in this price range, these have the coil capacitance characteristics that were found in the ones from the 50s. These vintage styled winds are placed upon a pair of alnico 5 bar magnets for plenty of grunt from a low wind count.

These are wound to 7.6k and 8.8k in neck and bridge positions respectively. The neck is a low wind to preserve a glassy, bright character. The bridge is a more aggressive wind to emphasise the famous P90 mid range grit and bark.

These pickups are wax potted to allow use with modern high gain and high volume amplifiers.

Specifications (neck/bridge):
Resistance: 7.6k/8.8k
Magnet: dual alnico 5/dual alnico 5
Spacing: 50/50mm
Output lead: braided single conductor
Wax potted