Old Timer 'Dano Tube' lipstick pickups

Old Timer 'Dano Tube' lipstick pickups

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Danelectro lipstick pickups were made in a way unlike any other. You may have heard Telecaster neck pickups being referred to as 'lipstick' pickups before. This is not at all correct, they are entirely different.

Proper lipstick pickups don't have any bobbin (or flatwork) to form the coil. They're made by winding thousands of wraps of wire around a bar magnet. Fender style single coils conversely are made by winding the wire around alnico rod magnets with flatwork forming the boundaries of the coil. This entirely different construction leads to entirely different tones.

These pickups use alnico 5 bar magnets (similar to those found in a humbucker or P90), and a low turn count coil wind. The whole pickup is then encased in a lipstick tube (this is where they get their name from). This construction gives the pickup a clean, jangly and open sound, lending themselves perfectly to surf and jazz. 

These come with aluminium baseplates, chrome covers, and clock in at 4k resistance.

Dimensions -
Length (tube): 80mm
Width (tube): 16mm
Total height (including legs): 38mm
Mounting screw distance: 71mm