Old Timer 'Hair Spray' humbuckers

Old Timer 'Hair Spray' humbuckers

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These pickups are reminiscent of the first wave of high output humbuckers that flooded the market back in the 70s and 80s as punk and classic metal started to come to the forefront of musical tastes. These pickups combine a neck pickup wound similarly to a PAF with a powerful bridge pickup. These pickups were designed back in the 70s to push amps, that typically didn't have the level of gain on tap that many amps do nowadays, into a more distorted tone.

These pickups are both ceramic magnet equipped for the ultimate clarity under high gain. Ceramic magnets are very popular among players who drop tune, as they frequently require the extra magnetism to keep the low strings from becoming excessively dull. These types of pickups can be found on pretty much every late seventies or early 80s hard rock or classic metal track.

The hex screws allow the tone of the pickup to be manipulated, by moving all 12 poles individually up and down, in minute detail. These pickups have 4 conductor output leads for series and parallel wiring (and as high output pickups, these can be utilised to great effect) and are fully wax potted for squeal free use under high gain.

Specifications (neck/bridge):
Resistance - 7.8k/15k
Magnet - ceramic/ceramic
Output lead - 4 conductor + shield/4 conductor + shield
Baseplate - nickel silver short legged/nickel silver short legged
String spacing: 50mm/52mm
Wax potted
Supplied with mounting screws & springs.
Wiring scheme - Green = hot Red/white = pickup coil connection (split) Black = ground