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Old Timer 'Lightning Bolt' active humbuckers

Old Timer 'Lightning Bolt' active humbuckers

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Made to replicate the most popular active humbuckers that arrived on the pickup market in the early 80s, these pickups provide revered USA metal high output humbucker tone at a great price point.


This set is comprised of an alnico 5 loaded neck pickup and a ceramic loaded bridge pickup. Alnico 5 lends an organic, smooth tone to the neck position. Ceramic brings incredible cut and clarity, making this pickup slice straight through in a band mix.


The alnico 5 neck pickup is superbly versatile, with the lower power of an alnico 5 magnet in comparison to a ceramic this pickup has the warmth to cover anything clean, but still has the muscle of the preamp to push hard enough for heavier styles. It's exceptional for thick, smooth lead tones higher up the neck.



The ceramic bridge pickup utilises the high strength of the magnet to create a cutting, clinically sharp tone. Excellent bass tracking allows for quick successions of drop tuned bass tones to ring out clear as a bell without smearing together. Open mid range and bright top end give this pickup an overall balanced tone all over the neck.