Old Timer 'Modernised PAF' humbuckers

Old Timer 'Modernised PAF' humbuckers

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The Modernised PAF humbuckers are essentially the same concept as our '1959 PAF's, but with modern amendments making them more accessible and versatile than their fully vintage accurate counterparts. The way in which these pickups differ is that they use short legged baseplates - allowing them to be used in modern shallower pickup routes without hitting the bottom. They're also made with 4 conductor output wire, allowing an array of wiring options, such as parallel and coil splitting.

While PAFs in the 50s were made indiscriminately for neck and bridge positions, with this set we've paired two humbuckers of different outputs which both comfortably fit inside the spectrum of resistance that PAFs have been found to be. The neck is wound to a mild 7.5k - the lower end of the spectrum, whilst the bridge is wound to a hotter 8.5k - the higher end of the spectrum. This avoids the common issue of having the neck overpower the bridge position, and it being excessive dark in comparison to the bridge. Both pickups are wound with USA manufactured plain enamel wire, an integral part of the PAF sound.

These pickups are made with gold plated nickel silver covers or open zebra bobbins, and nickel silver baseplates for excellent tonal transparency. 

Specifications (neck/bridge):
Resistance: 7.5k/8.5k
Magnet: alnico 5
Spacing: 50/52mm
Output lead: 4 conductor
Wax potted