Old Timer 'Rumbler' 5 string Jazz bass pickups

Old Timer 'Rumbler' 5 string Jazz bass pickups

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High quality Jazz bass pickups made with US standard components (flatwork, alnico rods) as rarely found in pickups at this price point. They are made to the same standards, but at a sensible price.

Combining both alnico 5 rods and modest winds (7.5k neck, 8.3k bridge), these pickups have a thicker mid range than the vintage equivalents, but are close enough to remain clear and articulate. They're wound with standard 42 AWG to keep in line with vintage style pickups. They have a slight mid range push and a small output difference.

Length - 100mm (neck) 104mm (bridge)
Width - 18mm (neck and bridge)
String spacing - 67mm (neck) 70.5mm (bridge)
Depth - 20mm (neck and bridge)

Resistance - 7.5k (neck) 8.3k (bridge)
Magnets - 10x alnico 5 rods
Output wires - white/black cloth covered (neck) yellow/black cloth covered (bridge)