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Old Timer 'Searer' Telecaster bridge humbucker

Old Timer 'Searer' Telecaster bridge humbucker

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This pickup is a quick and simple way to totally transform a wimpy Tele into a scorching hot rock and metal machine. As a drop in replacement for standard Telecaster bridges, all that is required is screwing it into the bridge plate and two solder joints to give your Tele a completely new character!

At 16k, this pickup has a full mid range, a smooth treble response and a tight bass end. These attributes make it perfect for even the most distorted playing! This is a humbucker, which means you won't get any of the annoying hum that you'd normally get with a standard single coil when you play with lots of gain.

This pickup uses 4 conductor wire to allow access to split and parallel modes (which are very usable thanks to the high output), a ceramic magnet to keep the treble clean and the bass tracking fast, and double radiused blades to follow string radii. 

Comes with springs and mounting screws.