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Old Timer 'Fat Boy' humbucker sized P90

Old Timer 'Fat Boy' humbucker sized P90

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These are your quick ticket to getting P90-like tones from a guitar designed for humbuckers. Designed as a drop in fit for any humbucker, these humbucker sized P90s are true single coils that can be dropped in for a significant tonal upgrade.

These pickups are made with alnico 2. What this means for tone is a full mid range, a soft treble and a loose bass end. 

P90s compared to humbuckers are brighter, clearer and more articulate. Due to their single coil design, they have a much smaller string sensing window. This means the range of harmonics they pick up simultaneously is smaller, making their tone much like a halfway between a single coil and a humbucker tone.

White wire is neck, black is bridge.

Specifications (neck and bridge) -
Resistance: 8k
Magnets: dual alnico 2
Spacing: 50/52mm
Output lead - single conductor + shield

Supplied with mounting screws and springs.

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