Old Timer 'Fat Boy' humbucker sized P90

Old Timer 'Fat Boy' humbucker sized P90

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These are your quick ticket to getting P90-like tones from a guitar designed for humbuckers. Designed as a drop in fit for any humbucker, these humbucker sized P90s are true single coils that can be dropped in for a significant tonal upgrade.

These pickups are made with alnico 2. What this means for tone is a full mid range, a soft treble and a loose bass end. 

P90s compared to humbuckers are brighter, clearer and more articulate. Due to their single coil design, they have a much smaller string sensing window. This means the range of harmonics they pick up simultaneously is smaller, making their tone much like a halfway between a single coil and a humbucker tone.

White wire is neck, black is bridge.

Specifications (neck and bridge) -
Resistance: 8k
Magnets: dual alnico 2
Spacing: 50/52mm
Output lead - single conductor + shield

Supplied with mounting screws and springs.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Made an old guitar come to life

I've got to admit, I'm mainly a bridge pickup playing man, but after seeing the price on these and heard other humbucker-sized p90 reviews on youtube I gave it a shot and wow, I find myself playing neck (and this pickup) all the time now. Really nice tone, absolutely not microphonic despite the price and solidly built. Highly recommended.

Andy Paul
Great sound, great price.

Thought I’d try a pair of P90s in my Harley Benton 335 copy, replacing the humbuckers, as I was on the verge of selling. After a bit of frustration fishing the cables through the f hole, and my rubbish soldering skills, I was pleasantly suprised by the sounds. Definitely keeping the guitar now, although I might try the original neck hb in combination with the bridge P90, just to see.
All in all, a good experience at a bargain price.

Craig Dove
P90 Magic

I wasn't particularly happy with the sound of the humbuckers in my Sire Larry Carlton H7 (335 alike) and have some other humbucker guitars anyway. Was thinking about something P90 so inspiration struck and I decided to change the HB's out.

Quick look on t'internet and I found the Old Timer Fat Boys and at £ 35 for a set how can you lose ?

Not at all it would seem. - They sound awesome - fat and full with really nice note separation. Perfect for low - med gain blues and rock. I would recommend these to anyone.

Goodness knows how good the hand wound Alegree pickups would sound ! Might have to start saving the pennies...

Peter Bradshaw
Excellent at any price

I have had a set of these now for almost exactly a year and I love them. I would only change them for a set of the Alegree hand wound pickups, which are much more expensive of course.

I have another identical guitar on which I have changed the pickups three times now (currently Tonerider Rocksongs) to try to get a sound that can stand against these and each time have failed. Each set has sounded good but lacking in some indefinable way.

The Fat Boys are very smooth and clear but with plenty of bite when you need it.I play mainly blues, occasionally verging on jazz, and they are perfect for this style of music.