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Old Timer 'Top Hat' humbuckers

Old Timer 'Top Hat' humbuckers

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These are PAF-a-likes, wound to a typical 7.1k in the neck and 8.2k in the bridge. In the 50s, the original PAFs were not made to a specific wind count as all pickups are today, so anything between 7-8.5k can be considered to be a PAF output.

PAFs were made indiscriminately with whichever grade of alnico could be found at the time, probably whichever was cheapest to buy at any given time. These pickups are made with alnico 2, which was commonly found in PAFs, this gives these pickups a more middy, smooth and singing tone.

PAFs were usually made with braided single conductor output leads. These are made with 4 conductor leads. The problem with braided single conductor is that it does not give access to split or parallel modes. With 4 conductor leads, these pickups have access to series, parallel and split and there's no significant tonal difference.

Pole spacings are 50mm neck and 52mm bridge for universal fitting on guitars of all types (that use humbuckers).

Supplied with screws & springs.

Wiring scheme -
Green = hot
Red/white = pickup coil connection (split)
Black = ground