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Old Timer 'Speedster' humbuckers

Old Timer 'Speedster' humbuckers

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These are humbuckers that are designed around the popular hot rodded pickups of the '80s. Wound to a modest 7.5k in the neck and 16k in the bridge. This set combines a bright, vibrant and clear neck pickup with a middy high output bridge pickup to deliver a huge variety of tones.


These pickups both have alnico 5 magnets to add treble bite, clarity and to keep them very tight in high gain applications. Alnico 5 gives the neck pickup a scooped tone, keeping the mids open and preventing a boomy bass end. Alnico 5 in the bridge also scoops the pickup which is already highly mid focused from the wind. It's by no means a scooped pickup at all, but without the scoop of the alnico 5 it would be excessively middy.


These are made with 4 conductor leads. With 4 conductor leads, these pickups have access to series, parallel and split modes.


Pole spacings are 50mm neck and 52mm bridge for universal fitting on guitars of all types (that use humbuckers).


Specifications (neck/bridge):
Resistance: 7.5k/16k
Magnet: alnico 5/alnico 5
Baseplate: nickel silver short legged/nickel silver short legged
Output cable: 4 conductor + shield/4 conductor + shield
Wax potted

Supplied with screws & springs.