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Old Timer 'Thunderclap' active humbuckers

Old Timer 'Thunderclap' active humbuckers

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These active humbuckers are made using a dominant, alnico rod loaded coil and an additional weaker coil to buck hum. The single coil like response of a dominant coil lends these pickups to achieve a clarity that cannot be replicated by traditional symmetric humbuckers.


The active preamp of these pickups adds a ton of output, capable of pushing an amp into soaring distortion. They compress and shape the tone to be thick and tight - excellent for any down tuned playing. Because of the dominant coil topology, they have a shimmering, chimey tone in clean applications, making them exceptionally versatile.


These pickups are suitable for any applications where an almost hi-fi quality is desired. They will work equally as well in crushing high gain settings, and crystal clean jazz settings.