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Old Timer 'Vintage 55' Telecaster pickups

Old Timer 'Vintage 55' Telecaster pickups

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The Vintage 55 set combines a nickel plated brass covered neck coil of 43 AWG plain enamel, along with a copper plated steel baseplate backed coil of 42 AWG plain enamel. Both of these coils are wound around alnico 5 rod magnets (flat stagger for the bridge due to flatter radii of modern guitars). Plain enamel is a much more expensive wire type than polyester (which you'll find on almost every single pickup in this price range) and has a significantly different tone too. It was found on Fender's Telecaster pickups from the 50s - so it's vital for the vintage tone!

Bringing all the vintage accurate elements together into one neat package of nostalgia, the Vintage 55 set provides that familiar and adored tone found on countless recordings of country, rockability, blues and swing from the 50s forward.

The neck pickup of a Telecaster was originally designed to be a form of bass emulation. It was intentionally made with a short, squat coil of thin wire covered by a brass cover to attenuate treble response, leaving a thick, bold and clear tone - similar to that of a bass. The Vintage 55 neck pickup brings together all these factors just like those of the 50s for a superb fat, bell like clean tone.

The bridge pickup of a Telecaster is, of course, fabled as the ultimate twang tone. Every factor of a Vintage 55 bridge maximises a sizzling treble response to squeeze every ounce of twang possible from the unit. Strong alnico 5 magnets, a ferrous baseplate, and a tall coil of thick wire emphasise a shimmering high end for excellent clarity and cut in a way only a great Tele can!

Specifications (neck/bridge):
Resistance: 7.5/7k
Magnet: alnico 5 rods
Output lead: cloth covered
Wax potted