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Older Timer 'Firecracker' active Strat single coil pickups

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Blisteringly hot active Strat single coil pickups, the Firecrackers are the best way to make your Strat into a Fire breathing dragon of an instrument! These pickups will pummel the front end of your amp into filthy, distorted submission. 


Loaded with alnico magnets and using a true single coil design (no hum cancellation which commonly loses the character of a typical single coil), these pickups can use active technology to combine a vintage tone character with a high output. This allows them to drive an amp hard (easily into metal territory) without the typical middy congestion that overwinding a passive pickup results in.


Please note due to the single coil design of these pickups they are NOT NOISELESS. They will require 25k control potentiometers, 0.01uf tone capacitor, a stereo jack and a 9v battery. The mounting screws are also rather long (25mm) and may require shortening, or drilling holes in your guitar body to accommodate.