Piezo acoustic tone tune-o-matic bridges

Piezo acoustic tone tune-o-matic bridges

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Tune-o-matic bridges with piezo transducers on each saddle for guitars with a dual bridge pieces (tune-o-matic + stop tail). The easiest way to get acoustic tones from your guitar! Please note installation will require running the output wire into a preamp. We suggest filing a small notch in the underside of the bridge pickup ring to run it through to the control cavity.

These bridges are made to import specifications and will be a drop on fit onto Epiphone Les Pauls, SGs, and similar. They have movable string saddles to intonate each string individually and screw heads on the top of the posts for easy height adjustment.

Each saddle has a small piezo affixed to pick up the physical movement of the saddle as the string is played. The small piezo output must then be fed into a preamp to give it the output level to balance with the standard magnetic pickups on an electric guitar.

Specifications -
String spacing: 52.5mm
Post spacing (center to center): 74mm
Post width: 11mm
Post depth (excluding top lip): 20mm
Output lead: Approximately 30cm with 1/8inch mono jack