Short frame Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch – Alegree
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Short frame Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch

Short frame Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch

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These switches are for import guitars, such as Epiphones. These are a short framed type for a longer thread length and a smaller cavity depth. For this reason, these switches will install in some guitars that a long frame toggle switch will not. 


These switches come with two output lugs to run to the jack, a ground lug, and two input lugs for the pickup inputs (via the volume pots, usually).


Please note that on some import instruments the switch hole will not be wide enough to accommodate the width of a USA switch thread, and drilling it wider may be required (check specifications below).


Dimensions -

Thread width - 12mm

Thread length - 8mm

Depth (required in the cavity, excluding thread and tip) - 22mm

Total width - 18mm