Silencer dummy coil

Silencer dummy coil

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A dummy coil is a coil of wire designed to remove the 60hz hum from your pickups (like a humbucker does) whilst maintaining the characteristics of them. Unfortunately due to the laws of physics, preserving the exact tone of a true single coil and getting noiseless operation is absolutely impossible - but here's the next best thing.

Scatterwound by hand and utilising a loose winding pattern, the capacitance of this coil is kept to a minimum to retain the single coil characteristics as much as possible. When hooked up in either series or parallel (the correct way around) with your pickups it will remove about 90% of the hum. Because of this dummy coil using very similar dimensions and wire to standard pickups, this is pretty much as good as true single humcancelling gets.

This model is wound to 6.4k Ohms, meaning it will match well with vintage to medium output Strat singles, vintage output Tele singles and vintage output p90s. For humcancelling in all positions you'll want all your pickups to be wired up with the winds in the same direction.

The Silencer can be connected in series, where it will shave off a little bit of the high end, or parallel where it will add high end. A capacitor may be placed in series when in series operation to restore treble. Treble may be tamed in parallel operation by utilising your guitar's tone control.

Supplied with double sided tape on the back to install, it is a neat fit inside a control cavity, as illustrated on a Tele in picture 3 (please check dimensions to ensure it fits)

Dimensions: 8.5x2.5x1.6cm
Resistance: 6.4k Ohms
Wax potted to remove microphonics
PVC covered hookup wires